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2nd Quarter

The Daily 5: Selfie Saturday Wk15

The Daily 5 is a 5min daily inspirational video discussing topics that motivate you and get your day off to a great start!

Selfie Saturdays Wk15: 2nd Quarter

Selfie Saturdays serve to remind you that you are of the upmost important at all times and how to make it work within our very complex lives.

We are entering the second quarter of the year! Brand new! Brand new day, brand new quarter, brand new start! You now have the opportunity to fix the wrongs, dot the I and cross the T. This is no about reflecting on the past or worrying over the shoulda coulda wolds. This is the time to start fresh and anew. Make a plan and execute! Everything has been seasoned and it is ready to enough to figure out which direction to head. So go on and slay!

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