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Abundant State of Mind

The Daily 5: Freedom Fridays Wk13

The Daily 5 is a daily 5 min video of inspirational and motivating discussions to get your day starting on track!

Freedom Fridays Wk13: Abundant State of Mind

Friday Freedom covers topics that help free you from inhibitions, insecurities, and doubt so you may crush your goals and manifest your desires.

Abundance is a state of mind! Abundance is an outlook and perspective. The universe is bountiful! Everything we need and want is already within the earth. We are connected in all realms of existence, physical and metaphysical planes. For this reason everything we need is here. It is already in stock for us. The same goes with energy. Anything you need, you ask for is given at command. This is why how we think and feel matter most. It is this energy that calls upon to manifest in the world. Therefore, the vibrations of your thoughts are essential! Think abundance! Think prosperity! Think and act as if you have everything you need and no worry or lack of anything.

It is the same concept as smiling! When you smile, the chemicals released in your brain are those of happiness, positivity, hope, confidence. When you smile you feel better and in turn see the world better, and have better encounters with others and your environment. Same thing with thinking in financial, positivity, and energetic abundance; the more you think in abundance, the more you attract.

So SMILE!! Smile with your mind, your heart, and your body! Raise your vibrations! Fine tune your frequency! Command the universe to provide!

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