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The Daily 5: Soul Sundays Wk7

The Daily 5 is a 5 min daily inspirational video discussing topics to motivate you and get your day to start on the right track!

Soul Sundays Wk7: Ask the Questions

Soul Sundays tap into the power of the universe, your power by helping you connect with your true self.

The Early bird gets the worm! El que no grita no mama! (those that don't cry, don't eat) Hablando se sale ganando! (by talking you come out winning) All these sayings that tell you, Speak up! Speak up! Ask the questions! Be polite, be respectful! And always speak up! Express your feelings, your opinion, your perspective. It is healthy for you and helps others learn, engage, and everyone grow. Ask the questions about everything! How, where, what, when! Question everything!! Do not take things for what someone tells you! Explore, figure it out for yourself! Be critical of the information being given too you!! Ask to understand! Do not be shy! It is your duty to inform yourself and grow! After all, Knowledge is Power!

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