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Big Girl Pants

The Daily 5: Track it Tuesdays Wk9

The Daily 5 is a daily 5 min video of an inspirational message to help you get your day started and on the right track!

Track it Tuesdays Wk9: Big Girl Pants

Track it Tuesdays are all about helping you to stay on track to manifesting the life you desire! I share tips and inspiration to motivate you to stay on the path towards your greatness!

Adulting requires being responsible and dealing with the uncomfortable things that you need to do to get things done. Putting our big girl pants refers to bucking down and getting to work. It means to stop pouting about life and what you feel it did not give you or what you don't have and go after it! Get to work in accomplishing it! Nothing comes to anyone easily! They all have to put int the work to get it. The less excuses the more results. So put your Big Girl/Boy pants on and get to work for what you want! The body you want, the career you want, the home you want, the relationship you want, the life you want!!! It is yours if you just go and get it!

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