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Boundaries & Triggers

The Daily 5: Track it Tuesdays Wk14

The Daily 5 is a daily 5 min video of an inspirational message to help you get your day started and on the right track!

Track it Tuesdays Wk14: Boundaries & Triggers

Track it Tuesdays are all about helping you to stay on track to manifesting the life you desire! I share tips and inspiration to motivate you to stay on the path towards your greatness!

A very important part to planning for success is to know your boundaries and your triggers. You have to set as real as a scenario as possible for yourself. You have to know the real nitty gritty about how far you can push yourself and about what are your weaknesses. Like if you know you will not be able to resist a cinnabun if you smell one, then do go to the store that has them when you are on a diet, cuz duh, you are setting yourself up! Don't set yourself up for failure like that! Don't even set yourself up for temptation in no way shape of form. Wy tempt yourself? Why make yourself suffer? No! Just make it as comfortable and as easy for yourself as possible so you can ensure you succeed! Know thyself! Know how far you will go and what will make you give in. Sometimes the triggers are people, places, times in the day, foods, etc. Know the triggers and eliminate them. This is true for all kinds of goals you may have: weight loss, career building, anything that has to do with changing your routine and regime. Learn this very essential step of identifying your boundaries and triggers and implement them when planning out your days.

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