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Bridging the Past, Present, & Future

The Daily 5: Wusa Wednesdays Wk8

The Daily 5 is a daily 5 min video of an inspirational message to help you get your day started and on the right track!

Wusa Wednesdays Wk8: Bridging the Past, Present, & Future

Wusa Wednesday are your weekly checkpoint sessions to help you review and make adjustments in the process to meet your goals. Our infinite wisdom will always guide us if we just listen.

It can get a bit confusing about whether to concentrate on healing the past, working on the present, and creating or manifesting the future. A quick and easy recipe to bridging the past, present, and future to make sense of it and make the most out of your experiences, is to truly concentrate on the now! Utilizing the lessons of the past, one makes conscientious decisions in the now, which in turn will be building the future. The future is built through the now. That is why it is of the upmost importance that you make healthy, intentional, and joyous decisions right now in order to set up your future correctly. Our decisions now, in turn, should be wisely made with adherence from the lessons of the past so that we may improve on our path and not delay. Most of all, is to live in the NOW. Know the POWER of NOW and make the most of it! The best way to build the best possible future is to live a JOYOUS NOW! Be happy now and you will be sure to be creating a great tomorrow. All the great feelings and high vibrations you are operating from create a positive outlook from which to manifest from. Therefore, only positive good things will be projected forth. However, you cannot do this is you are worried about the future. You can only do this by being so very present in the moment, that the flicker of the sunlight brings you joy! Remember the past is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a present! Open your gift!

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