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The Daily 5: Glide Through Thursdays W12

The Daily 5 is a daily 5 min video of an inspirational message to help you get your day started and on the right track!

Glide Through Thursdays Wk12: Deliver!

Glide Through Thursdays cover topics and tips that help you focus and meet your weekly goals with grace and ease.

You can talk all that talk, but when it comes to show and tell you gotta deliver! You gotta show up with what you promised. Success will be granted only after you can prove that you can deliver. People can only believe in or follow fluff for so long. At some point, most immediate, people will need some substance to keep them hooked. Empty promises can only get you so far! That's why I emphasize to clarify the fake it till you make it saying. To me I see it as acting and believing in being better than you are because you already know you will be better. I do not see it as being full of smoky mirrors and coning your way through the door. It just does not last that way! If I am going for something it has to be worth my time and worth the glory. I want what is mine for me and for as long as I can have it! I worked for it and that is my return! But you have to be a person of your word for doors to open. You have to be about what you say if you want a truly substantial following and success. Nothing shuts people up or proves you deserve your place than delivery! Deliver and no one can say anything about anything! Deliver and you will always have references, recommendations, and freedom! Be about it! Show me what you working with!

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