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For-Give It Back!

The Daily 5: Soul Sundays Wk11

The Daily 5 is a 5 min daily inspirational video discussing topics to motivate you and get your day to start on the right track!

Soul Sundays Wk11: For-Give it Back!

Soul Sundays tap into the power of the universe, your power by helping you connect with your true self.

Simply put, forgiveness is not about redeeming the other person it is about you. Forgiving what others and the world does to you is for your own peace of mind and spirit. Forgiveness is to let go of what burdens you and weighs you down. Forgiveness is to give the burden back to the person who inflicted it. Forgiveness is like the biggest f* u u can say. It says you tried to hurt me but you could not. I will not let you. You will not affect me. For-Give it back! Take control and shut it down by not letting anything or anyone throw you out of balance. You are in control of you!

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