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For Lent

The Daily 5: Wusa Wednesdays Wk15

The Daily 5 is a daily 5 min video of an inspirational message to help you get your day started and on the right track!

Wusa Wednesdays Wk15: For Lent

Wusa Wednesday are your weekly checkpoint sessions to help you review and make adjustments in the process to meet your goals. Our infinite wisdom will always guide us if we just listen.

For Lent we make a sacrifice. We sacrifice something in order to show and prove our dedication and faith. What are you giving up in service for what you want? What are you sacrificing to obtain your end goal? What is your passion? What are you willing to give up for what you want? There is a price and a balance to everything! Weigh your options carefully and know that anything you want comes with sacrifice! How bad do you want it? Are you willing to fight for it?!

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