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Friendsgiving: Beyond the Memes

Woo! What a group of ladies!!!! Powerful, innovative, dynamic, inspiring, & empowering!

Ladies from such a diverse spectrum of industries came together this Saturday at the very sheik restaurant Bread and Tulips for the Friendsgiving event held by Karlet, founder of The PurPoint Group and Jess from Glam with Jess. I mean I will never tire of saying how delicious it feels to be surrounded by amazing, powerful, brilliant women, oh and men too, that are entrepreneurs. It is just an amazing energy to be around people that are positive and are looking for growth instead of complaining. I mean it is such a refreshing feeling to be in a room with so many yay sayers that are all about inspiring and empowering others to shine. It is as I always say, if you have your own shine you won’t ever truly be intimidated by the light of others, because well, you shine on your own! You hold your own ground and stand out within your own right!

I have always been a social person, and for that reason doing business and networking came natural to me. I’m not saying I don’t get nervous or have doubts, etc., however, even if I feel those things, I am still able to forge ahead. I am still able to step into a room and hold my own. I am able to initiate and hold a conversation about just about anything. To listen, to sympathize, and add some value to the conversation because I believe in me! I know my worth! And that is what every entrepreneur will tell you. Succeeding in business does not mean that it came easy. Quite the contrary! Anyone that has a successful business will tell you that do have succeeded Despite the ney sayers, Despitethe many doors slammed in their face, the scary points of failure, the figuring out how to do something, how they will make it through, how they will pay their bills at the end of the month, the tax troubles, and etc. Those people just forged head, kept going, kept trying, knocked on the next door time and time again that one was closed. Being an entrepreneur is HARD!! And it is lonely!! All the more reason why events like the Friendsgiving brought to us by Karlet and Jess are EVERYTHING! They are worth every bit of the $$. It brings hustlers together to help each other make it all happen and have the support along with it. To feel motivated and inspired and find the resources and collaborations necessary to do the damn thang!! The ladies did it right! They created the atmosphere, attracted the right energy, and led the horses to water done gone it! So watch out for these ladies and their next event so you can add to the joy and grow!

The Pay It Forward (PIF) Pledge program from Reaching Heights works to do the same, to support, inspire, and empower others and working entrepreneurs. I immerse myself in these communities to bring it back to my readers so that they too can connect with people out here following the dream. I hope to inspire, empower, and motivate the public to follow their dreams by showcasing those that are following their dreams now and at the same time support and promote those that are putting themselves out there and doing their thing! The PIF Pledge is exactly that! An exchange of services and resources to make it work together! To help one another and make the world a better place.

If for some reason you may not be able to get out there, be it familial obligations, the kids, the husband, the 9-5 rut, lack of time, lack of funds, too shy, don’t believe in yourself or that what you want is attainable, or whatever it may be keeping you from fulfilling your purpose, going for what you want, tapping into your soul and discovering and pursuing your purpose, this is HERE FOR YOU! This is here for your to feel SAFE while you explore the possibilities. And when you are ready! I AM HERE! You can reach out and I will hold your hand while we walk through the PATH MEANT FOR YOU! We all have a purpose and it is different for everyone. No matter how small or big of a gesture it may be it is yours! YOUR PURPOSE! And I promise, as soon as you step into it, into YOUR PURPOSE, YOU WILL BE HAPPY! You will feel fulfilled! And that energy can then be spread unto the world! Only when at our happiest, when our cups are full are we able to give to others. To help others! If we accomplish getting ourselves right, then we can do right! I mean imagine just the kind of world it would then be if we all spread love as opposed to negativity, boom!! Our planet and world would just be kinder, cleaner, more compassionate, better!

Below I list some of the valiant soldiers out there hustling their passion and adding some love and color to the world. Look em’ up! Connect, Support, Collaborate!

Credits & Contacts:


The PurPoint Group

Purveyors of Positivity for Purpose Driven Women

IG: thePurPointGroup

E: info@thepurpointgroup.com


Glam with Jess


Owner Glam with Jess

IG: @GlamWithJess

E: info@glamwithjess.com


Networking Contacts:

Author & Motivator

Carmen Ashe

Author of I Have A Purpose

IG/FB: @OffiicialIHaveAPurpose

Twitter: _IHaveAPurpose

E: Carmen@IHaveAPurpose.com

T: 646-569-5644


Content Building, Accountability, Online Marketing


The PurPoint Group

Purveyors of Positivity for Purpose Driven Women

IG: thePurPointGroup

E: info@thepurpointgroup.com


Glam with Jess


Owner Glam with Jess

IG: @GlamWithJess

E: info@glamwithjess.com


Melanie Melendez

CEO & Content Creator

IG: @meldezproductions

E: themeldez@gmail.com



Toni Marinucci, MS, RDN

Dietitian, Blogger, & More

Founder Tips with Toni

IG/FB/Twitter/YouTube: @TipsWithToni

E: TipsWithToni@gmail.com

T: 516-864-1686


Lyne Berro

Co-Founder CARBO—World’s Lightest Folding Electric Bike

IG/FB/Twitter: @RideCarbo

E: lyne@ridecarbo.com

T: 888-402-2726 #2


Fashion & Beauty

Carlina Zacarias

Entrepreneur Professional Make up Artist

Founder Carlina Zacarias Make up

Founder & Owner Bellina Lashes

Founder Latinas Unite NY

IG: @carlinazacariasmakeup




Jenn Michelle

Entrepreneur and Beauty Professional

Owner Glam Life Lounge

IG: @GlamLife_Lounge

FB: Glam Life Lounge

E: GlamLifeLounge@gmail.com

T: 732-766-7836 / 973-843-7949


Shenell Ward

Image Consultant

IG: @ShenellRenee

FB: Style By ShenellRene

E: ShenellRenee@gmail.com

T: 347-515-0760


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