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In this Moment, Everything is OK!!!

The Daily 5: Soul Sundays Wk8

The Daily 5 is a 5 min daily inspirational video discussing topics to motivate you and get your day to start on the right track!

Soul Sundays Wk8: Mindfulness

Soul Sundays tap into the power of the universe, your power by helping you connect with your true self.

Mindfulness is to be present. Being present is the greatest gift you can give yourself! It is to be fully in the moment and living it! Enjoying it! Being grateful for it! The best way to create positive vibrations in the now and in the future is to live in the moment. To let all your focus be on the task at hand instead of your thoughts wondering to worry or anxiety of what was and what could be. When you take you focus to the moment and ask yourself, am I ok right now? Am I breathing? Am I fed? Am I warm? Do I need for anything at this moment? And you have all that you need, then you are ok! Everything will be ok!!! Focusing on the moment allows you to understand that nothing else really matters. Not sadness, or anger, or worry, or pity, or anything. What matters is that you feel good in the moment. The practice of mindfulness brings you to the moment. It brings your focus to the moment by bringing you attention to your breathing, to your body. Mindfulness begins and ends with the body. How your breath moves through your body. How your organs respond to your breathing and environment. Practicing mindfulness is a great tool to bring you back to the moment so that you can remember that everything is ok and will always be. AS long as you are breathing, You Got this!

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