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Invest in Yourself

The Daily 5: Selfie Saturday Wk5

The Daily 5 is a 5min daily inspirational video discussing topics that motivate you and get your day off to a great start!

Selfie Saturdays Wk5: Invest In Yourself

Selfie Saturdays serve to remind you that you are of the upmost important at all times and how to make it work within our very complex lives.

Invest in yourself. In Building yourself up. In improving and mastering your skills. Bank on yourself accomplishing what you want. In being a master of your craft. Invest in feeding your mind, feeding your spirit, and fueling your body right. Fuel it with the things that will support it on the long term. The things that will make you stronger in the long run not the short run. Poor eating habits satisfy a temporary craving or pleasure but it harms you in the long run. It is not conducive to building your body stronger for the long haul. Listening to negative talk from other or yourself may be your current programming, but it does not serve you. It does not make you stronger, believe in yourself, nor push you to aim higher, thus forcing you to remain where you are not happy, where it is not good enough for you, nor deserving of you. Letting yourself be consumed with the defeats of life, with the malice that is easy to see from others, robberies, murder, hate, grimace, holding on to practices and ideologies that do not resonate with your soul do not serve you! We must serve our minds, our spirits, and our body what is conducive to its growth, strengthening, and support. Eliminate everything else!

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