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Mikey Mo's Brilliant Night

Mikey Mo’s night was magical! The program consisted of food, beer tasting, honoring special education teacher Ariel Rivera, two scholarships were given to two families in need, raffles, and more! The kids were able to have fun and the families to enjoy a meal out on the town without being judged.

The campaign has more than doubled this year and we expect even greater things to come for the Mikey Mo Gives Back program years to come.

It is never to late to be a part of it! Mikey Mo also has a fundraising event in the Spring and collects donations for their scholarships all year round. You can contact Justine at any time to learn how to get involved in the information listed below.

Shout out to this year’s sponsors for making it all possible!

Credits & Contact:

Justine Riordan

FB: Justine Riordan

Insta: justinerior



Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

Trendity Clothing--@trendityclothing


Savior Productions

D’ERCOLE donuts

Crunch Gym

Artwill Group

Rotary International

Longo’s Park Deli

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company

CVN Heating & Air Conditioning

S.Benard Designs

Cabinet Artistry

Cornerstone Children’s Center

Villain Port Chester

Artisan Realty Inc.

Riptide III

Port Chester Rug & Linoleum Inc.

Rozlyn & Joe Carvin

Leeman & LaRosa Families

La Bottega Salon

Live, Love, Light!™ Together We Rise! - Reaching Heights LLC

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