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Pilar Strength

The Daily 5: Selfie Saturday Wk14

The Daily 5 is a 5min daily inspirational video discussing topics that motivate you and get your day off to a great start!

Selfie Saturdays Wk14: Pilar Strength

Selfie Saturdays serve to remind you that you are of the upmost important at all times and how to make it work within our very complex lives.

Be so grounded and sure in who you are and your capacity to thrive that the world may crumble around you and you remain firm, unshakable, and unbreakable! That is a bold statement! I mean think about being that. Think about being a pilar in which it stays strong despite what happens around it. Be a pilar!

Problems will always exist! As long as we are alive we will encounter problems believe that! But lets start by thinking about them differently. Let's start by changing the narrative on the notion of "problems". What if instead of problems we view them life's ways to keep it interesting and to check your gansta all the time. They may create inconveniences in our life but they are placed as checkpoints to make you evaluate what you are projecting into the universe. They create opportunities to boost your requests by believing in them once more. Obstacles will come and go. You must believe in you ability to overcome them time and time again no matter what, because of you and your strength. The faith you have in yourself and your capacity to thrive. Be unshakable, be unbreakable!

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