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Sip & Slay NYC

OMG, this Sunday I had the Godsent, goosebump-giving, experience of finding myself amidst an amazing group of powerful, inspiring, gracious, and kind women that left me with an enigmatic energy ever since! Founder of Sip&Slay, Arie Rose, author of “Fight the Funk” put together the most dynamite panel for her Sip&Slay NYC gathering this Sunday 10/21/18 at the bountifully elegant Mott Haven Bar & Grill. The panel, made up of six influential women in an array of fields, delivered the most encouraging and empowering overall message yet, and that is to “power through the struggle and thrive”!!!

Each panelist coming from different fields of expertise shared a different version of her success in finding the balance necessary to push through the challenges and thrive, however the experience and the challenges seem to share a common thread. The panel moderated by Cherish Holland, brought on, my all time favorite, Ms. Rosa Garcia owner and founder of Mott Haven Bar & Grill, Mott Haven on the Go, Mott Haven Hospitality Group, and 31 Agency, Nail Lounge owner and founder Quiana Aviles, Celebirty make up artist Mercedes Lennon, fashion columnist and author of “Gracious Hot Mess”, Melissa Morales, influencer and celebrity of Love & Hip Hop NY Tahiry Jose, and Ms. Arie Rose herself founder of Sip&Slay and author of “Fight the Funk”!

Each of the ladies spoke about their journey to reaching success and managing some of the challenges encountered in order to reach their success. The themes surmise to describe the need to believe in yourself, to ACT and not overthink, just DO, to understand that being a leader of your own life is a lonely road to walk, but rewarding, to keep your eyes on the prize and find balance between your home life and journey in living in your purpose, be it to be away from your parents, your children, your relationship, etc., to live by faith most and first of all, to tap into yourself “live in your truth”, as Tahiry so eloquently put it, and “let go and give it all to God”, as Arie emphasized.

Surely, my summation does not capture all the precious gems of wisdom that were gifted, nor does it begin to capture the energy felt in that room. It was an energy of righteousness, oneness, and that we were all exactly where we were meant to be with who we were meant to be with at that moment and so very aligned in our purpose, ultimately God’s purpose! I can safely say everyone left feeling energized, hopeful, empowered, supported, and enlightened. Truly a gift! Truly an enigmatic experience! Como dice la canción, “es una experiencia religiosa, sentir que resucito si me tocas,”!

Al final, as Tahiry put it, “90% of the time you will fly, but you won’t know til you take off!”. Because as Arie says, “the same God that took care of you yesterday, will take care of you tomorrow”! Live in your purpose ya’ll! Do not be stopped by fear, by doubt, by not seeing a way at the moment. It is not your job to ask how, let God do his work, and what a magnificent, ominipontent creator he is! Your job is to believe and trust in him by walking in your purpose!!

And that is what Reaching Heights is all about!!! This is me walking in my purpose! To help others find theirs and help them find the courage and resources to do so! Get at me!

Mil Gracias, Dios, Mil Gracias, Arie, Mil Gracias a todas!

Credits & Contacts:

Arie Rose

FB: @missarierose

Insta: @iamarierose


Cherish Holland

Insta: @cherish_holland

Rosa Garcia






Tahiry Jose

Insta: @therealtahiry

Quiana Aviles

Insta: @naillounge

Melissa Morales

Insta: @aracioushotmess

Mercedes Lennon

Insta: @mercedes.lennon

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Lorena Moore

Insta: @femmekulture


TRUWOMEN Protein Bars



JUJU JAY Productions

Career/Legal Networking

Insta: @jujujayproductions4her

Twitter: @juju4her

FB: Her Journey Brunch Series


Customized Bottles & Gifts

Insta: AuraVCollection

Female Mechanic: BMW of Manhattan/Bronx Community College

Grace Claudio


Chopped Chef

Veronica Flores

Reaching Heights

IG: @Reaching_Heights

FB: page: @ReachingHeightsLLC

Acct: @ReachingHeightsLLC8

Twitter: @Reaching_Height

YouTube: @Reaching Heights

Live, Love, Light!™ Together We Rise!™ - Reaching Heights LLC

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