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The Entourage

The Daily 5: Freedom Fridays Wk8

The Daily 5 is a daily 5 min video of inspirational and motivating discussions to get your day starting on track!

Freedom Fridays Wk8: The Entourage

Friday Freedom covers topics that help free you from inhibitions, insecurities, and doubt so you may crush your goals and manifest your desires.

The Entourage refers to the TRIBE! The group of people you surround yourself with that unknowingly influence your entire life. Our TRIBE is of the utmost importance because they support the dream, they support you be able to dream bigger, they push you, they believe in you in times when you may not believe in yourself. They see your potential and push you and treat as if you are already there. They see gold! They see you light and add value to your life instead of taking it away. This is vital. Because in your circle you may have some energy vampires you are not even aware of. People you do not even what to believe or you can fathom having hate for you or your success but do. They do! They may not mean it, but because they are so unfilled in their lives, or feel stuck in their struggle, they envy those that are able to shine or push on through that. It is not your fault. It is theirs unfortunately because it is each individual that has the sole power to manifest their lives. We as human beings can only support one another but cannot do the work, walk the path, for any one else. So your TRIBE matters. You have to take inventory the most objective way possible and see who arounds you add to your life and be sure to keep those close, be ok to let those in, and the rest at a distance. Does not mean you have to cut out others from your life, but at least know where to place them on the shelf and keep them in that space. Your TRIBE should help you THRIVE! Period.

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