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The Daily 5: Motivated Hustler Mondays Wk15

The Daily 5 is a daily 5 min video of an inspirational message to help you get your day started and on the right track!

Motivated Hustler Mondays W15: Laura Diaz-Alberto, The La-Di Fashion

Motivated Hustler Mondays are an extended special 10min interviews with entrepreneurs, influencer, and business owners sharing their stories on how they have stepped into their purpose. Their stories are meant to fuel you to stepping into yours!

You know how you meet people and truth is most of us don't really know what they are doing, but some are jus clear. They are clear on what they want, who they are, and what they will and will no engage in. I mean what a relief! Just the energy! Just being around them helps you feel at ease with you doing the same, figuring out the same. It is for sure a special person and a special experience to encounter.

Laura Diaz-Alberto is just that person. I had the sweetest afternoon chatting with Mrs. Laura Diaz-Alberto about business, our passions, our self-worth and care, and walking in your life purpose. Her story showcases one of confidence, valor, and clarity. She shows us how you can build the life you want. She talks in length about the importance of making sure that you are expressing yourself and walking in your purpose to find your happiness and live your best life.

May we all find this clarity!

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