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The Right Kind of Inventory

The Daily 5: Selfie Saturday Wk11

The Daily 5 is a 5min daily inspirational video discussing topics that motivate you and get your day off to a great start!

Selfie Saturdays Wk11: The Right Kind of Inventory

Selfie Saturdays serve to remind you that you are of the upmost important at all times and how to make it work within our very complex lives.

Take inventory, but take the right kind of inventory. Take inventory of everything. How you think, how you speak, how you feel, and all the blessings you have. Forget about the things that cause you disharmony. Do not feed them any more energy than they are worth. Always look at the brighter side of the situation. You may not be rich but you are wealthy in so many other ways. Check yourself on your self talk, your reactionary ways of thinking and feeling. Focus on the things that will help you grow. Remain open to the lesson in every experience. Count your blessings, and live with a grateful attitude for everything you have! This energy will both honor what you received and calls more positive blessings to you. Test it out!

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