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Treat Yourself

The Daily 5: Freedom Fridays Wk6

The Daily 5 is a daily 5 min video of inspirational and motivating discussions to get your day starting on track!

Freedom Fridays Wk6: Treat Yourself

Friday Freedom covers topics that help free you from inhibitions, insecurities, and doubt so you may crush your goals and manifest your desires.

Treat yourself well and you set the standard for the universe on what you receive. We set the tone for what we receive from the universe based on how we feel about ourselves, what we expect, and what we ask of it. Treating ourselves well affirms the way we think of our value and worth. Making sure you treat yourself perpetuates the feeling of feeling loved and thus sending the correct message to the universe to continue providing love. You see how that works? So trust me, what you do influences how you think, and how you think affirms, what you do! As everything it is a cycle of energy! Cycle the right kind of energy!

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