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The Daily 5: Soul Sundays Wk10

The Daily 5 is a 5 min daily inspirational video discussing topics to motivate you and get your day to start on the right track!

Soul Sundays Wk10: Vulnerability

Soul Sundays tap into the power of the universe, your power by helping you connect with your true self.

The greatest gift is to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable is scary but at the same time so liberating for you and others. Vulnerability is freeing because it is the part of ourselves that is connected to feeling and to source. We can all relate and sympathize with one another because at one point or the other we all could understand what it is to feel something. Being vulnerable is a gift to others as well because it gives those that cannot be vulnerable a voice. They find some relief in that they are not alone in what they feel. There is a connection that unifies us all. Most of all being vulnerable is putting yourself out there. Exposing all your soft parts. You can find freedom in just being. Vulnerability is strength. It is not weakness. It takes lots of bravery to be vulnerable. You are taking a risk in showing your soft parts and could get hurt. In fact that is what deters most from being vulnerable. But when you can free yourself and not be attached to the consequence it is the most liberating experience of all. Try it! Liberate yourself. Be vulnerable. The reward is much greater than the fear.

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