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WE All NEED THIS! – Why Reaching Heights

Who doesn’t need motivation?!! Who doesn’t need support?! Who doesn’t need to be cheered on?! Who doesn’t need accountability?!



That is what a Life Coach does for you! That is what a Life Coach can offer you! They can be that helping hand in figuring out your goals, in planning them, and achieving them!

My purpose is helping your figure out yours. To help you figure out and help you reach your purpose. I am here to help you unblock your path from the obstacles keeping you from being healthy in mind, body, and spirit. I work with you to reach balance in your mind, your body, and your spirit. This may be by helping you heal from past traumas, helping you gain a balanced nutrition and exercise, helping you feel more fulfilled in your career and/or professional life, reach your potential professionally, or helping you with a startup business, to helping you connect with your spirit and the source. Helping you gain balance can come in many forms and varies case by case.

I conduct a thorough initial consultation to go over and find out what you seek. I work to help you tap into your deep desires and the deep rooted infringements on these desires so we can get to the bottom of what it is you truly want. I then help you figure out how to manifest this dream through goal setting, strategic planning, and accountability management.

So let’s get to work!!! Take the first step towards stepping into your purpose and reach for a hand!!


Live, Love, Light!™ Together We Rise!™ - Reaching Heights LLC

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