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What's Popping!!

Things are moving fast! There are so many people getting their hustle on out there and many, not all, are magnificent! I love to collaborate with as many people and businesses as possible. I love anything that has to do with promoting, supporting, and empowering other entrepreneurs, as well as creating new opportunities and sources of help for others.

I’m here to help! On this planet, in this world, in this life, to help, brighten, and cheer!!

I’m available to facilitate in the strategic planning and marketing of any event or project you may be working on. I’m particularly interested and available for speaking events, podcasts, workshops, and etc. on any of the following topics below or any topics of request.

Motivational Speaking Topics

Available to speak to teens, adults, staff, employees, and the elderly on topics such as

§ The Power of Positive Thinking,

§ Harnessing Your Power,

§ Dipping in the Honey Pot,

§ Higher Consciousness,

§ Raising your vibration

§ The Circle of Life,

§ The Importance of Purpose,

§ Connecting to CORE,

§ Social Responsibility and Philanthropy,

§ Living with Purpose,

§ Self-Care & Love,

§ Holistic Spiritualism,

§ Moving as One

§ Know Thyself

Team Building Workshops

§ Team building

§ Supervision

§ Potential Development

§ Raising Morale

§ Communication between teams

§ Self care & Burn Out

§ Office Politics

§ Conflict Resolution

§ Expanding your Reach

Book me now!

“Live, Love, & Light” ™ Together We Rise!™ – Reaching Heights LLC

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