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What You bring to the table!

Believe that when you walk into the room, you have arrived! Believe that what you bring with you is all you need, and what everybody else in there needs. Know that the universe conspires on purpose. Every milli second in the universe is at work to align you to this very moment in time, in space, in this life for you to be here. Here reading this. Here taking this in. Think about that. The whole universe, and all its atoms have worked and pushed to get you to this moment. Treasure it! Soak up every advantageous moment! Open your eyes, your heart, your mind to pay attention to everything that is speaking to you about who you are, why you are, and where you need to go. Moment upon moment is to align you with your purpose. With the experience and message you are suppose to receive so you can live a full life and play your part in the grand scheme of things to help each other, because after all that is what we are here for, to uplift one another. We are all after all one, connected, a fragment of the same source, a version of ourselves in every person.

Think about what I am saying. Open your mind and raise your vibration! We are all mere versions of the same. Each one of us can be the other person. We are all a choice away from being just like someone else. No one is exempt. Our spirit is capable of living at any frequency in the spectrum of light to dark. We can be depressed or happy, homeless or wealthy, fearless or fearful. It is our choice! Yes ours, not your circumstances, not your bank account, not the family or neighborhood you come from, your choice. Your choice to dream, your choice to listen to that voice inside, your choice to be disciplined, your choice to persevere and persist towards what you want. You decide. Day by day, you decide what you engage in or you do not. Those choices take you to the next. Those choices brought you here and will take you beyond this point.

Your spirit knows. Before you arrived, your spirit knew. The mind, the human experience is what fills us with doubt, with fear, with insecurity. But the spirit knows! It knows exactly where it needs to be and when for you to receive what you need to propel you to the next step. All you have to do is listen to it. Listen to your gut. Tune into your spirit, your intuition to know exactly what is right for you. Usually the first thought, the first feeling it the truth. Everything else that follows that instinct is fear or doubt. We start then to think of the obstacles, and what we don’t want to happen. That is the moment that makes it or breaks it. That is the moment when you have to hold on to yourself the most. Hold on to who you truly are and act for yourself. Choose you and do right by you! So you must be confident. You must be sure of what you bring to the table. Know your worth. Know that what you have to offer is unique. There truly is no other you. The way you move, the way you think, your perspective, your vision. There may be liked minded people but never an exact replica. And that is what you got to bring to the table. That uniqueness is a precise piece of the puzzle that is needed to make up the whole. Pieces may be similar but never the same. And each piece is needed to make the whole picture. Remember that! The whole picture needs you! You and your unique jig sawed shape to become whole. It does not work otherwise. It is not complete otherwise. And that is what you bring to the table!

But the choice is yours! When you enter the room you have to be bold enough to let your uniqueness shine. You have to play your role. It doesn’t mean that you have to be completely outgoing. You can be shy and still let yourself be known. Your shyness can also hold as much power as long as you move when it calls for you to move. A every single moment holds infinite possibilities. You must be in touch with your gut and listen to it when it calls for action. Your intuition is there to guide you. If you feel compelled to say something at a certain moment, or sit somewhere, or make any particular move, do it. It might be your intuition placing you exactly and precisely where and when you need to be. So listen to that gut! Trust that you have a role to play and if you allow yourself to have the confidence to know that what you bring to the table is yours and yours alone, and completely necessary.

Hold your own baby because it is yours!

Love You!

“Live, Love, & Light!”™ Together We Rise!™--Reaching Heights LLC

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