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What you CAN DO!

The Daily 5: Glide Through Thursdays W16

The Daily 5 is a daily 5 min video of an inspirational message to help you get your day started and on the right track!

Glide Through Thursdays Wk16: Strive for what you CAN DO!

Glide Through Thursdays cover topics and tips that help you focus and meet your weekly goals with grace and ease.

When setting goals, you want to be realistic, tangible, quantifiable goals. You do not want to set yourself up for failure by setting unreachable goals. On the one hand, it makes no sense to set goals that are not being hit. On the other hand, it also does not help keep you confident and secure in what you are doing if you are not setting yourself up to experience victories instead of failure. The message is then internalized and transmitted into the energy you put out there going forward. So strive to meet realistic goals that work towards meeting the bigger objective. Strive for what you can actually do. Granted, yes, stretch yourself a bit, but not over extend yourself and not be able to reach your goal.

In the work together would help outline in detail your 90-day step by step plan to your desired destination. Together we Rise! Let me help you manifest your desires.


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