Rock Balancing

The focus of Inner work is on helping you clear your path and gain the balance you need in your life to focus on discovering your purpose. Work in this area aim to improve self-awareness, develop identity and potential, gain inner balance, align your reality to your purpose, peace of mind, and enhance overall quality of life.  

There are packages available for individuals, couples, families, and groups. 


The Work

  • Healing of the Mind, Body, & Soul.

  • Engage in a self-realization course.

  • Analyze and make adjustments to personal and relationship concepts. 

  • Learn & Apply Manifestation Techniques.  

  • Engage in strategic planning to manifest your desired lifestyle.

  • Adapt tools and resources that support your continued progress. 

Inner Work

Personal Development


The focus in Outer work is to help you materialize your purpose. Work in this area is geared towards helping you move up to the next level of your career and position yourself closer to materializing your talents and potential. 

Outer work also services businesses in perfecting communication, trust, and team building strategies that will improve productivity and morale. 

The Work

  • Branding Development

  • Resume and cover letter building. 

  • Promotion Strategist

  • Public Relations Consultation

  • Marketing Strategy Development

  • Business Planning Consultation

  • Business Management Consulting 

  • Staff Development Consulting

  • Nonprofit Management and Development Consulting

  • Strategic Planning & Program Evaluation 

  • Grant, Endorsement, and/or business loan writing

  • Media Kit development

  • Website building strategy consultation. 

Outer Work

Professional Development

Building Homes


Reaching Heights strives to inspire philanthropy in others that lead to focused action towards community development and a positive impact in the world. The Pay It Forward (PIF) Pledge is that each one helps one, thus, creating a rippling affect of comradery in attacking issues such as global warming, oceanic pollution, homelessness, poverty, world hunger and etc. working towards truly making the world a better place.

Membership Perks

  • Access to the membership portal with profile capabilities to promote your business. 

  • Access to a community of entrepreneurs, influencers, business owners, educators, and skilled experts committed to helping uplift black and brown communities. 

  • Access to monthly trainings to help enhance your business venture.

  • Access to resource list and member contact information. 

  • Discounted access to all sponsored events. 

  • Access to a private Facebook group community to gain support, assistance, input, and resources for all business ventures. 

  • Discounted coaching sessions for personal and professional development. 

Pay It Forward Pledge

Community Development


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