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Congratulations & Welcome! 

You are already stepping into your purpose! 

Reaching Heights intends to be a source of guidance and empowerment to your healing journey in breaking through limiting beliefs and wounding preventing you from living your best life as your highest self and walking in your purpose. It is my mission to help people reach self-fulfillment, raise social consciousness and responsibility, and cultivatephilanthropy with the dream of inspiring unity and creating a better world.

The vision driving Reaching Heights is to heal ourselves, and in so doing heal our world. The many barriers maintaining separation and division perpetuate a rhetoric of helplessness and powerlessness that prevent the development of individual and collective upward mobility, innovation, confidence, and the resource sharing required to thrive in society today. Shifting this paradigm is key to eliminating existing worldly tragedies across our nations, reinforcing the vision that Together We Rise!


Reaching Heights employs a compilation of scholarly mastery, spiritual enlightenment, and ancestral wisdom as the tools in which the work with each member is approached. With a License in Clinical Social Work, a Master in Human Services, divine insights, and over 20 years of experience I utilize the skills and modalities of my profession to help individuals develop personally and professionally. 


Mindfully, I do not claim to be an expert, but rather a willing participant in the realization of purpose. Using my story as inspiration to propel and ignite passion in others, I intend to lend assistance as a guide to help individuals step into their purpose and realize their dreams, as well as raise social awareness and responsibility through the partnerships gained in the pursuit of unity and equality! 


Thank you for being part of the journey!


*Live, Love*, & Light*

Inner Work

The focus of Inner work is on helping you clear your path and gain the balance you need in your life to focus on discovering your purpose. Work in this area aim to improve self-awareness, develop identity and potential, gain inner balance, align your reality to your purpose, peace of mind, and enhance overall quality of life. 

Outer Work

The focus in Outer work is to help you materialize your purpose. Work in this area is geared towards helping you move up to the next level of your career and position yourself closer to materializing your talents and potential. 

Community Development

Reaching Heights strives to inspire philanthropy in others that lead to focused action towards community development and a positive impact in the world. The Pay It Forward (PIF) Pledge is that each one helps one, thus, creating a rippling affect of comradery in attacking issues such as global warming, oceanic pollution, homelessness, poverty, world hunger and etc. working towards truly making the world a better place.


After all, Together We Rise!

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