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Manifest now

A Free Webinar by leading

transformational coaching expert lydia ignacio

revealing the top 5 secrets that will have you manifesting

at lightning speed

without the setbacks,

doubts, & growing pains!


Lydia is an amazing therapist who has taken the time to help me heal past traumas. Not even knowing where to begin myself, she makes a clear plan to move forth - all while making sure it is the best plan for specifically you. She always answers any questions right away, including in the session chat. She gives amazing insight, information and tools to help you move through any difficulties. She is the best therapist I’ve ever had - I’m so grateful for her 


“Definitely an amazing person help me adjust and see things in the positive. Her observation and guidance has help me feel better about myself and situations. I wouldn't hesitate giving 5/5 stars. Thank you so much for the help”


Lydia has always guided me with keen kindness, and insight. She helps me come out of phases where i feel lost and confused and brings to light the beauty and reality of things but in a wonderful way through listening and helping guiding and coach. She provides wonderful exercises that are very helpful and help growth. 


Lydia is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We enjoy working with her and she's done wonders for our relationship. She's quite dynamic and can accommodate her process for each of our distinct needs and personalities. I highly recommend this counselor!

A.T. & J.M.

Presented by
Transformational coach
Lydia Ignacio, LCSW
Founder & CEO at
Reaching heights llc
phoenix Counseling LCSW P.C.
Phoenix Rising Merch

Lydia is a proven testimonial of the power and possibility of unlocking the power within each of us to becoming a Master Manifestor and Alchemist! 

25+ years of experience and expertise and a lifetime of learning and studying metaphysics, the transformative process, and holistic healing she learned to unlock a deeper level of manifesting speed through her holistic healing model which serves to prompt transformation at the core levels: mind, body, and spirit!  

Her own glorious transformative journey not only lends inspiration but also motivate you into actions with her step by step guide on how to unlock the secrets within you to manifest your dreams, best self, and best life!

Lydia has been featured in Brainz Magazine, numerous podcasts, and collaborations with leading entrepreneurs, small business owners, and community projects. 

Her dedication to raising social consciousness through the acquisition of personal growth and fulfillment are unlike any other coaching program and model available. Best kept secrets prevue to only the top earners and influencers are now at your disposal in her ingenious Holistic Model to healing, awakening, and liberation to activate your manifesting power now!




In this webinar we will cover


Just Imagine...

Living out your best life doing the things you love!


Discovering the Power
Within You

Encoded in our DNA are the codes to tapping into the secrets of the universe. Tapping into that power unlocks the ultimate ability to command the universe and manifest all of our desires. Unlock your fullest potential NOW by learning the Top 5 secrets to Manifesting in Lightning Speed. 


Seeing Your Dreams
Come to Life

Just imagine what seeing your dreams come to life feels like. Knowing that the universe itself has aligned in perfect harmony to grant your desires. It's a surreal, almost magical feeling where you can fully immerse in the glory of your realized ambitions. You feel an overwhelming sense of pride and gratitude, knowing that your hard work, persistence, and faith have finally paid off.


Leading a Balanced &
Fulfilled Life

Just imagine waking up with a sense of purpose and peace, each day a harmonious blend of personal passions and meaningful work. Picture the tranquility that comes from knowing you’ve dedicated time to your well-being, nurturing both body and mind, and the deep satisfaction of fostering relationships that enrich your soul. Being able to move through your days with a light heart and a clear mind, fully present in each moment, savoring the small joys and accomplishments. Challenges become opportunities for growth rather than sources of stress, and you face them with resilience and grace.


Walking in Your Purpose

Imagine feeling a profound sense of alignment, as if every aspect of your life—your career, relationships, health, and personal growth—works in synergy. You feel connected to a deeper purpose, driven by values that guide your choices and actions. The balance you’ve achieved allows you to give and receive freely, cultivating a life rich in experiences and meaningful connections. It’s a life where you thrive, not just survive, a life that feels deeply satisfying and authentically your own.


Having the Ability to Monetize Your Passions 

Picture the joy of transforming your unique talents and interests into a thriving enterprise, where your creativity and skills are not just recognized but rewarded.

Your days are filled with a sense of purpose, each task a stepping stone towards both personal and financial success. You experience the freedom that comes from doing what you love, coupled with the security of earning a steady income. Every accomplishment, big or small, feels like a victory, a testament to your ingenuity and determination.

There’s a powerful sense of empowerment in knowing that you’ve created value from your passions. Your work-life balance improves, as you no longer feel trapped in a job that doesn’t inspire you. Instead, you’re motivated and energized, eager to innovate and grow. You attract opportunities and collaborations that align with your vision, expanding your horizons and opening new avenues for growth.

Join the awakening
What my A
mazing clients have to say...

"I really appreciate your help and guidance
on my personal growth journey. I'd love to have the opportunity to get a last couple of sessions in with you before switching over to a new therapist 
I appreciate you showing me the proper way to do that. Looking forward to what's to come!"


Unlock Your Manifesting Power NOW!!!

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