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"The Exchange" Moms Make It Work Launch Event

Let’s talk about inspiring and empowering women, particularly moms and address the challenges they face. I had the pleasure of partaking in the Moms Make It Work launch event “The Exchange” yesterday Oct. 6thand left inspired, empowered, and refreshed! Hella Dope event! The Exchange fulfilled it’s purpose beautifully in helping moms connect, share insight, find support, and set a wonderful foundation for the work to be done by power house Moms Make It Work group. Her project will be providing workshops, information, and opportunities to network and build community for moms at all stages of parenthood to find support in manifesting their dreams.

“The Exchange” set the tone at the magnificent venue Mott Haven Bar & Grill offering delicious mimosas and food delicately decorated by Favors & More designer Yosi Maldonado and Verde Flowers, free massages from SpaO on the Go, and the spiritually uplifting panel presenters Rosa Garcia, Jo Morrison, and Haydee Rosario. You were sure to feel light and loved and leave fortified towards “living you best life”, as educator and presenter Hayde Rosario preached.

Some gems outlined by the panelist speak on ways to manage and make the best of your time when balancing a career, following your dreams, and being a mom, tips on how to fortify and rejuvenate yourself to help you keep going, mommy tips on how to manage your kids and keeping up with everyday life, and lots of supportive and affirming tips on how to stay positive. Rosa Garcia, entrepreneur and owner of Mott Haven Bar & Grill, Mott Haven On the Go, and 31Agency spoke at lengths about not “beating yourself up, give yourself credit for what you do, if you get 2 things done out of the 10 you had listed, congratulate yourself!” She continues to say there is only so much you can do, but you can do a lot in the 24 hours a day. She advices to simply “focus on the now”, the task on hand not the 3 million things on the list but instead the one right in front of you and just complete one by one. Jo Morrison, blogger and youtuber also explains that it is important to make use of your time. Find ways to get the most of the time that you do have without overwhelming yourself. Educator and spiritual leader Haydee Rosario urges women to always take care of themselves and put themselves first. As she states, “if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anybody else”. She recommends taking some time in the morning to meditate and practice your affirmations. “Treat yourself”, she says! “Live your best Life”.

And these ladies are right! Being a mom does not mean you put yourself or your dreams in the back burner. You have a right to manifest your dreams, shine bright, and bring forth and put to work your God given talents and gifts. We each have a gift that God gave use, it is our duty to put the to work and help one another, all three panelist echo. “We are not meant to do this alone”, says Jo Morrison, “building and relying on community is the way to succeed” urges Veronica Guity, and these enlightened ladies are all right! “Be you, be kind, for Together We Rise!”, Reaching Heights.

Credits & Contacts:

Moms Make It Work, Founder Veronica Guity


FB: MomsMakesItWork

Rosa Garcia, entrepreneur & Owner

Mott Haven Bar & Grill, Mott Haven On the Go, 31Agency, Mott Haven Hospitality Group





Jo Morrison, Blogger & YouTuber

Insta: @_jomorrison

Haydee Rosario, Educator and Spiritual Leader


Yosi Maldonado, Event Stylist

Favors & More Event Planning and Design


“Live, Love, & Light” TM Together We Rise! –Reaching Heights LLC

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