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The Categories / Las Categorias

Blog posts fall within one of these five categories:

Light Work / De Lo Bueno

Light Work represents the work being conducted in the community that help uplift others and lends inspiration for entrepreneurship and development.

She Did / Todo Ella

I share how I personalize and bring my own flare to the latest trends.

Talent / Talento

The latest on local talent in entertainment that are making their mark and transforming their community.

Lifestyle / La Vida Buena

Seek to LIVE, LOVE, and live in LIGHT! Living in the light is a choice made daily by LIVING LIFE to its UPMOST! Join me in my crusades as I intend to experience what life may have to offer me.

Talk About It / Entre Chismes

This section holds some opinion pieces and advice on some heart wrenching issues like love, money, spirituality, oh, yes...politics, society, and everything spicy!

PIF Projects

This section discusses PIF projects in progress. Feel free to peruse through them and contact me to contribute in any way your spirit moves you be it monetary or through volunteerism.

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