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DARE to be you, DARE to dream, DARE to try, DARE to put yourself out there, DARE! The word in its fullest splendid meaning is to ‘have the courage to do something’. In other words have the cojones to say ‘fuck it, what’s the worst that can happen’! That question, is my tell all marker. To gain the courage and to get over my fears and insecurities, I ask myself, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Whatever the answer is I get over it. I say ok, so that can happen, and now what? Tomorrow will be another day! Another opportunity! But at least I will not have a regret that I didn’t do something. I will not be ashamed that I was too afraid to try something and always wonder what if? To me the regret of what if, has always been more powerful than the idea of failure. With failure I know that if I try and practice enough I eventually will get it right, after all practice makes for improvement.

As silly as it sounds, being yourself is the hardest and most courageous thing you can do. Living within societies inevitably breed social constructs and norms that everyone comes to abide by. Sameness is confused and taken in to mean oneness when it simply draws us further apart. We inadvertently isolate when we recognize subtle differences in our uniqueness and shy away for fear of rejection. We all want to fit the mold and feel shame if we do not. We see it with everything, our bodies, our style, our lifestyle, our careers, our livelihood, our dreams. We fall into a mediocre way of thinking and fall victim to the rat race. Our true selves and our true desires drown in the mist of all and lay buried under routine and complacency. Break the chains!

The truth is we are all unique. We all bear distinct gifts. Even if we have similar gifts like being a motivational speaker or an artist each person has his/her own twist to it. A special touch no other person can replicate. So go ahead! Break the chains! Do not settle for mediocrity! Dream BIG! Be bold and DARE to want more for yourself! Loving yourself and realizing your happiness will result in adding positivity, kindness, and peace unto the world.

It starts with wanting more for yourself, with seeing the endless possibilities. Once you tap into your imagination you can begin to intend and manifest. You can then start planning and moving your intention into fruition. Imagine! Envision! BELIEVE! And it shall come!

If you believe in God, he says, “ask and you shall receive” so ask.

If you believe in the power of the universe as well or instead, you know everything you think of you manifest! So think BIG, think LOVE, and MANIFEST!

Dream On Dreamer!

“Live, Love, & Light” ™ - Together We Rise! – Reaching Heights LLC

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