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Choose Wisely! Choose Kindly!

I have always been criticized for seeing the world through rose colored glasses as they say. I see the good and potential in everyone. I never think there is ill or malicious intent at first. I smile when I see couples and families, and especially babies. I want peace, kindness, and love for all around the world. I believe abundance is to be shared. I believe good will always prevail in the end. I have always felt the vibrations underneath the surface. The thin veils that separate realms have been transparent to me when I allow myself to see through my third eye, and I see the truth of the situation and the possibilities for other paths as well.

Despite the ugliness that undoubtedly exists, there are possibilities. There is always a choice. Every second one is faced with a choice. Not always is the choice simply black or white, good or bad, however, each choice leads to a different path. Most of the time choosing the kinder choice of the two will open roads for you that will be in your benefit, aligned with what is meant for you. So choose wisely, choose kindly.

The world is made up of people and the choices we make. All of it! Our entire planet and system is created, managed, and upheld by people. We each have the power to make our world as we want it. It can be a positive, kind, and loving place or a negative, angry, frustrated one. Choose wisely! Choose kindly!

So yes I rather se the world through rose colored glasses. I rather see the possibilities and the good in people. I believe in my power to influence positive vibrations. Imagine what a world it would be if we all knew our power and we chose kindly!

Believe & Thrive!

“Live, Love, & Light” ™ Together We Rise! – Reaching Heights LLC

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