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Flamingo among Pigeons

Be Your Most Genuine Self! After all we are each Unique, unlike no other, for we are pieces that make a whole!

Whether you are a flamingo among pigeons, if you are buogie, or a pigeon among flamingos, if you are ratchet, point is to stand out by being you.

Everyone is Special. Now this almost seems like an oxymoron. How can everyone be special, when the definition of special is to be different than the rest. Well, everyone is different from the rest. There are no two alike, not even in paternal identical twins. We are all unique variations. Like snowflakes filled with substance each on it own as a single flake or as part of a snow ball or blanket on the ground, ever changing, ever molding, holding its own space in time. Be free in your expression like a snowflake for as long as you are make your mark. What do you feel in your heart? What activity makes you light up from inside? How would you like to spend most of your time? Do it! Let that be what moves you to shine bright unto what you pour your love into and contribute to the world. That which you love is what makes you special, what makes you stand out among the crowd.

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