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Reppin' What?

What kind of message is that saying?

Pardon madame if I do offend, I share only my observations of things come to pass. Oh but I gotta talk about it! *smacks lips* J

So the internet done broke with this Cardi B hit #1 on billboard charts! Well I do gotta say, go CardiB, Go head guuurrrll! Do your thang mama! All the way up! Woop, woop, ….all that good stuff, Good for you mama! Celebrate!

Hercules, Hercules!

What I don’t like though is the different pedestal they try to put her on, however, of being a positive win for the impoverished Latina community! Hold up…what, “neck jerk”! In other words, don’t be saying this ratched, latin trap music artist is a positive or the best representation for strong minded, independent Latinas. Cuz I don’t think so!

If you want to brag, celebrate, and salute any Latina artists or entrepreneurs, look deeper, look better! There are so many successful Latina entrepreneurs creating amazing businesses and giving back to their communities that are not talked about, presented, or promoted in the same way. Instead, because there is a scarcity in the surgence of a Latina role model or the impatient desire for a win within Caucasian-male dominated social constructions, that we hang on and make noise for any way to make the Latina presence known, no matter how misrepresented or low of a quality of a recognition it can be.

Cardi B represents a view of Latina women that is demeaning, callus, and harmful to gaining the long over due respect long sought after in money making industries that are mostly male dominated. The message being sent is consistent with main stream ideas of that the best options for women being to gain power either by selling her body or lose femininity and become cut throat like a ‘masculine man’. Latina women should, instead, be represented as guerillas and the heroes they are for mastering and maneuvering both the home and the work place, while remaining gentle and nurturing in wholesomeness—which just might look like the miracles of a hurricane and tornado demolishing and creating life on a daily basis, but somehow gets you comfortable, feed, sucked, and safe on most days.

This is not a hate rap on Cardi B. I really of give homegirl her props!Jus saying! We must always strive for greatness! And be mindful of what message comes across or how we understand it. Cardi B did strive for her greatness! And for that she should be congratulated! Let’s have more Latinas also come in and show greatness in all its multitude!

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