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DIY Craze

Create, Personalize, & Economize!

Guilty as charged! I am a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) fan! Not only is it cost-effective…most important of all…but it is also a chance to be creative, to build, and succeed! Helps keep you feeling confident, accomplished, and not to mention your pockets full!

I DIY with most beauty regimes: nails, hair, make-up; also with cooking, event planning, and limited household projects. I mean really, with how expensive cost of living has gotten, anything beyond that is a luxury. Let’s girl real though, ain’t no one gonna be looking disheveled out here. J

So when working on a budget or trying to save up, DIY at home is one of the best ways to get things done.

Pick your battles, however! Do not take on a job of remodeling your house if you are not even sure about what a wrench bolt is, know what I’m saying. Pick projects that you deem possible, a bit challenging, but not where the consequences can be dangerous or extremely uncomfortable, as it defeats the purpose.

I encourage you to research on how to DIY your latest interest and see if you can take it on. The point is to enthrall yourself into a project. The experience helps ignite the parts of yourself that are full of wonder, enthusiasm, interest, curiosity, diligence, patience, and accomplishment; the happy place.

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