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DIY Mani/Pedi @ Home

Stay Fresh & Fly while saving time & money!

Hola! I wanted to share some tips on doing your mani/pedi yourself at home. Disclosure now, I have been doing my own nails and hair since my teens, therefore, what you see now is not how I started out. It takes practice to get it to look decently close to professional, however, remember, things are difficult, never impossible! I don’t have kids, yet, but when I do I will definitely do that for things that need to be replenished frequently. For instance, I saw a DIY about making pencil/pen pouches, and make-up bags, things like that we most often tend to opt to buy instead of recycling items already within reach, because yes they are not very expensive, but when you add it up in the long run, you find yourself with a good chunk of change that is being deducted on what could be your vacation fund. J Don’t get me wrong, pampering yourself is also necessary every so often, however, it doesn’t have to be a regular event when you are trying to improve your financial circumstances.

Some tips:

~Nail polish does matter!

· The cheaper stuff, lasts less, which means that you have to fix them more often. However, for the most part if you pair it with a durable top coat like Sally Hansen Instant Dry, the cheapest polish may last a week.

~Equipping yourself with some basic nail tools is also helpful!

· Mani: Nail file, cuticle cutter, nail polish remover, cotton balls, nail buffing block, small bowl, and hand softener liquid.

o Any moisturizing hand liquid soap works.

· Pedicures need a bit more essentials in the forms of lotions mainly: Nail clipper, pedicure basin, foot soak, foot scrub, callus foot grater and file, callus eliminator lotion, and foot moisturizer.

o Avon is a great source for inexpensive bundles for mani/pedi lotions.

~Base, Color, Top Coat!

· Base coats are important to protect your nails and help them stay healthy to grow. Some base coats you can use interchangeably are for strengthen and to grow.

o Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails, Diamond Strength, to name a few.

o For growth I prefer Nutra-Nail products. They’ve proven to work better for me.

o For growth taking biotin or the vitamins that say hair, nails, and skin vitamins are a great push towards long, strength, healthy nails.

· You can also add minced or crushed garlic to any base coat to help strengthen the nail. They sell these as well that have perfected controlling the odor better, however.

· Note that the more layers of polish you put, the longer it takes to dry, so if you are in a hurry and want to avoid smudging the polish, put less layers; this may mean scrapping the base or only using one to two coats of polish (depending on the transparency of the color).

· Top Coat is everything! Instant Dry (the red bottle) is the best! Dries them fast, aaaannndd, helps the polish last! J

~A C C E S S O R I E S!!!

· My favorite part! This is where you can get creative. Experiment with some of the latest styles: ombre nail colors, tips, tips at the base, split designs, etc.! I stock up with different top coats and accessories to play with. Get creative!

o Glitter coats: stars, different color glitter schemes, metallic colors, etc.

o Avon Mosaic polishes

o Nail gem stones and studs of different metallic (Avon has a variety)

o Nail prints (Sally Hansen stay fresher longer)

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