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Matchy Match Con Flo...Play with it!

“Es la percha, no la ropa!” –Dominican Proverb

"The hanger, not the clothes [that give it shape]"

“Es la percha, no la ropa!” –Dominican Proverb

Why even talk about this…well cuz it’s getting out of control. I mean in these times female and male fashion merge and become one in the same. While, that’s, let’s say interesting, more foreign to me is how patterns are matched. I mean stripes and dots, casual and dressy, mesh, and messes all seem to be put together. I just get lost. The rules and boundaries are so blurry or non existent rather. It’s like any combination can be ok, so why not.

Then there is the push towards neutrals and the ‘basic bitch’ look, which is just a Kardashian-Jenner derivative from lips, to hair, to body, to clothes. Blah! This is what ‘basic bitch’ feels like to me: ‘I don’t give a fuck about anything, and can’t deal with not being cool, so I won’t take any risks’…Boring!!! All these one color, neutral colors, slicked back, everthing seamless and in place kinda unnerves me. For one, it’s like, uh where is your personality, 2. It makes me feel a bit sorry for their deer-in-headlight insecure fashion, and 3. makes me feel they are probably shallow and/or judgmental if they are that insecure in themselves.

Needless to say, I am not a ‘basic bitch’ fashionista. I am quite the opposite, bold colors, bold matches, eccentric, bohemian, with a some boundaries in how it is put together. I am not as bold or skilled for wearing mismatched patterns, looking disheveled, or dressing basic. While, no one has to have my sense of fashion or agree with it, I am here to tell you to explore! Be bold in your expression and play with it!

Personal style is important because it too is a form of self-expression, whether conscious or unconscious. It is a reflection of what you think of yourself, what you hope for yourself, and of how you are doing at the moment in your self-esteem, mood, and finances. Oh yes it says all that!

Go ahead throw that scarf on! Wear multiple rings! Go 80’s/2000! Just Play with it! Let yourself be creative in how you express yourself. At the very least just think, ‘this is today, tomorrow is another day’.

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