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Holla'? or Dolla'?

You were meant for more than paying bills.

Simple: you gonna be forever hollering for a dollar?

Wealth is a mentality. It is thinking in abundance and prosperity. Having vision beyond circumstances and resources. It is believing. Faith. Willing it so. All first and foremost! And then backing it all up with the work. As the saying goes, Actions Always Speak Louder than Words! You have got to be confident and grounded in your worth, and in doing so carry on with accomplishing your goals.

Wealth is created when you are realistic with your goals, and knowing the time and work it takes to accomplish those goals. It is methodical and intentful and must be nurtured and supported into it.

(In Trance)

And so what does that mean? Well when you are going through a purge or cleansing, be it of any dimension, we tend to gain clarity on the importance in identifying those you can trust and surrounding yourself more with those individuals. This is natural as the frequencies of your vibrations are adjusting to comply with your request. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that!

We pass other souls on this earth so that we may learn from them. All beings are a mere extension of the same; tentacles if you will, of the same whole. Versions of ourselves are all individually learning the lessons needed for each piece of you to evolve and enter a higher vibration. The one that understands the fluidity of reality and how easily can be manipulated in response to all your commands, your will. Wealth, is thus merely a manifestation, a by product of tapping into the power that connects us all.

When I am doing what I love, I am in wealth. When I can feel joy, happiness, freedom, acceptance, love, my spirit is rich. Wealthy is to extend this feeling as a state of being. To be in the moment and appreciate it in its entirety is wealth. Transcending that awareness into reality is then the manifestation of wealth.

So go ahead, dream, live, and manifest wealth with your intent to in every moment.

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