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Planetary Vibrations

It is all written in the Stars

Que te digo, las cosas estan cambiando. As we speak the earth is changing. We do not realize how impactful something like the solar eclipse is. Most cannot even begin to conceive the ripple effects these energies discharge.

The Solar Eclipse of Aug. 21st, 2017

An eclipse affects the equilibrium of the eco-system. Nature is confused by the changes in light and act out accordingly. The solar eclipse has a joining of solar and lunar energy on the planet. In this time dimensions are separated by a very thin veil. It is the best time to send and receive messages from other dimensions. During these times it is best to ask the universe with intent for what you want and listen on how to obtain it.


Supermoons are revitalizing. During the supermoon the moon is closest to the earth. These vibrations are very impactful to the earth. During the supermoon earth is being charged up with lunar energy. This magnetizes the tetanic plates underneath that hold the base to our earth. The movement from these vibrations shake up our earth, the ocean around it, and the formation of our lands. The lunar energy calls for change.

Moon Colors

Moon colors are actually caused by the different position of the moon’s surface to the sun from the earth’s atmosphere. The colors, however, also bring on different energies and opportunities for connecting to the universe.

Red Moon

The red moon or also known as the blood moon can be used to extinguish toxins from the mind, body, and spirit. During the red moon fire and other types of heats are best to be used for dispelling obstacles that may be impeding your growth.

Pink-Peach Moon

Pink to peach moons exert energies of the heart. They are good for relationships, desires, pleasantries, and pleasures. Using water and flowers and plants are good in use for this moon energy.

Blue Moon

Blue moons are for increasing your sensitivity, be it spiritually or psychically, emotionally, intellectually, creatively, and mentally. Utilizing any form of art or communication is most useful when harnessing this type of lunar energy.

Yellow-Orange Moon

The yellow-orange moon symbolizes success, abundance, prosperity, enlightenment. It is best to use items of light, that are shiny, fluid, and to also use some expression of art form to ask with intent.

Pay attention to the whole world. The sky, the galaxy, the earth, the universe, to send and receive messages on how to live the best life you can live and be the best you can be. Find your own way to speak to it and to listen. Learn to work with it and not against it, or it against you.

Tap into your power!

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