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Me Time

Most Important Relationship EVER!

Having quality time with the self if vital. Consistently communicating with the is vital for balance, for grounding, and for manifesting.

You’d think it would be common sense and practice, but it is not. How often do we stop and ask our selves questions. Questions, like does this feel right, why am I annoyed, what is my soul trying to tell me, what lesson is this teaching me, how do I feel about that, am I living in this moment right now, how is this moment relevant to my life, and the like. It is only by knowing and understanding yourself and what makes you tick will you be able to utilize it all as a tool to navigating through your reality, through your life and the lessons you are meant to learn. It is this connection that will keep you grounded, help you maintain balance, and tap into the power you need to manifest all that you desire. How else would the self exist? After all, all that you desire are expressions of this very self. Spending quality time with yourself to explore the depths of all things is an essential step to tapping into and keeping in tune with your true self. You have got to set aside the time, as you would for everything else to spend it with yourself, asking questions, listening, exploring, pushing, probing, analyzing, and getting to know the self, so that it may bask in it’s light and flourish. Giving the self light, so to speak.

The self’s sole purpose is to express itself. The self wishes nothing more than just to be in all its splendor in this plane of reality, as being this self is exactly the part it must play to charge up the source of the universe and help it to keep evolving.

Simply put: we all have a role to play in propelling the universe into fruition and that role is played by letting your self just be, and in this light you tap into all the power you need to manifest your reality.

The greatest gift and contribution you can give this world is to just be you. Follow your heart and instincts to wherever they may lead in the pursuit of finding just how to let your self free.

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