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Your Truest Self

Do you remember who you were before the world told you who to be?

That is an interesting question. How many of us can answer this truthfully and not skip a bit. My guess is not many. The hustle and bustle of everyday life tends to drown out our inner voice and has us lose touch with who we really are. The getting up, getting dressed, being polite despite people’s attitudes, preferences, and underlying competition between all, do you look stylish or edgy enough, are you skinny enough, are you smart enough, blah blah blah blah. It all keeps us from feeling confident and being able to thrive as our inner self.

Who we really are has no interest in superficial things like what clothes we wear, color make up, nails, how much money in the bank, who talks to us, who doesn’t talk to us. Our truest selves cares for nothing else but our happiness and the happiness of others. Our inner self is curious, explorative, and nonjudgmental. Any judgments are solely based on “does that feel good to me”. We base ourselves on energy, on texture, ad substance in our encounters, how we respond, and what we do. Can you imagine how pure of way of being that is? Can you close your eyes and imagine leading a life on those instincts everyday? Waking up just being yourself, as you are, and engaging with others as you go based on “does that feel good to me”. It’s the purest form of life. What kind of person would you be without the pressures you experience on a daily basis? What kind of life would you lead if you felt secure, confident, and happy every day? How would you treat yourself? How would you treat others? What kind of life would you have?

A beautiful soul, a beautiful world. One at peace, one full of love. You are in there! Despite it all, the responsibilities, the negativity, the disappointments, the expectations, the demands of your life, you are in there!This peaceful and delightful person just needs to be listened to. She needs the chance to be heard again, to come to life again. I propose you seek her. Sit with her. See her as a child, your inner child, and begin to engage with her. Draw her out. Let her know it is safe to reveal herself and begin to speak. Get in touch with your inner child and remember who you truly are and what you truly want. From here and only here will you truly be able to be in touch with your true purpose, what truly makes you happy. It is what makes us the most happy what we can give to others. It is only if happy that we can share love. Our greatest gift to the world comes from the place that we feel our best, our truest self.

I propose the following exercise:

Dim the lights.

Turn on some aroma candles.

Use essentials oils if available

Put some meditation music anything from 432hz music (explanation of 432hz on another post)

Have a notebook or voice note close by for when you finish your meditation

Sit comfortably. I suggest on the floor. If not on a chair bare feet planted firmly to the floor.

Rest your hands on your thighs.

Close your eyes.

Start taking deep breaths, count five in, five out.

Concentrate on your breath and not the thoughts in your head.

Start to envision a field.

In the field far off you see a child.

As you walk closer you start to see the child is you.

Join them on the grass.

Approach gently.

Engage them in conversation

What are they playing with?

How does her/his voice sound like?

Ask them questions.

Talk to this child, you about what you are feeling now. What they want to be feeling? Ask them to remind you of what you enjoy most.

When you feel you spoke enough, gently say good bye. Make a date to come again. And wake up. Make sure you leave the child in mutual agreement. Calm, not unsettled.

Write down what you experienced, your conversation, your feelings, your thoughts.

You have now made contact with your inner child. Hopefully he/she can clear things up for you and set you on a higher path, closer to your best happiest. self.

“Live, Love, & Light” ™ Together We Rise! – Reaching Heights LLC

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