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Relationships are created through Choices

You Chose by your reactions, by what you decide to accept.

Guess what this is about…? Lol! Relationships are Hard!! Can’t say it enough.

The constant pull and push is exhausting for any soul, and especially a free spirited one!!! All the compromising, selflessness, ego checking madness, disappointments, forgiveness, flexibility, shamelessness, and everything else in between that has to go on for it to work is ridiculous!! I mean utterly outrageously demeaning in its costs and demands that threaten the very preservation of balance of the self.

I mean I feel like we are all living a double life most of the time. The part that society expects of us and the part we actually want. Most of it is just not natural!! By basic survival instinct we as human beings are selfish. At the very primitive level, we only need care for our self and our offspring. Aha! Our offspring! And that’s where it all begins! The need to put up with anyone else other than yourself: an offspring, in cute terms, a baby…aww!!!

We are biologically hard wired precisely and solely for these things: to bring forth and protect offspring. Our basic instinctual raison d’etre is to reproduce and ensure it’s survival. This instinct manifests differently by gender, and by gender I also include our newly acquired multiple, trans…and the like genders. For the ‘female’ gender it is all about securing protection and resources for its young. For the ‘male’ gender it is all about protecting, providing for, and expanding and sustaining their legacy. Different perspectives, different approaches. We see it today as cheating and the madness of attachment women form with their baby’s daddy.

However, hello, luckily, advancing hundred of years, it is just not necessary anymore to be so primitive! Being together for love and choosing whether to reproduce or not are now common, viable realities in all couplings.

So choice is what drives us today. And so we ask, why and what types of decisions are being made today concerning relationships? Cheating, multiple partnerships, promiscuity and the like are the norm. Relationships of all shapes and sizes have surged. Boundaries are stretched, bent, and erased altogether. We are a culture inundated with choices and variety. Our attention and commitment has gone ADHD and there is not enough Risperdal that can clam it.

But Choices we have! And so it is about making the right choices for you. Ones that make you feel deserving, worthy, fair and just, at peace, righteous even with yourself and others around you! We are not meant to be alone. We come in pairs. Communication is the only way to connect, Use it wisely, Use it freely! Manifest!

Choose to love! Choose to think of another’s comfort! Choose to build with one another, to make adjustments and compromises! To move as one body, deliberately and intently. Gently, considerately, generously choose to be patient with one another. Every day, every week, every year after year exchange kindness, love, and trust! It can never be built in a day. It is built everyday. So BOTH must Give it all you got! Being always ever careful with one another as you would a friend. Interested enough to be present, uninterested enough to know their decisions are not your own; and so you are supportive to everything and anything, trusting they too are just the same, giving each room to grow individually and together.

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